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Problems existing in the development process of stainless steel clad plate


1. The problem of too fast growth in production capacity

In the past five years, the average growth rate of my country's stainless steel production has reached 45.4%. Considering the large scale of projects under construction, this high-speed growth trend will continue. In 2005, the growth rate of stainless steel consumption in 2005 was only 16.8%. It should be said that the production capacity of 10 million tons is in line with my country's future stainless steel market. If the production capacity is expanded, there will be problems such as oversupply, serious waste of investment and difficulty in supplying resources. From a global perspective, due to changes in supply and demand, nickel and chromium prices have risen sharply, existing stainless steel plants in Japan and other countries have reduced production, and South Korea's Posco has postponed the implementation of the original cold-rolled stainless steel strip project. It is necessary to build stainless steel projects.

2. The shortage of nickel-chromium resources:

Due to the strong demand, the rapid expansion of my country's stainless steel production capacity has been driven. However, the expansion of stainless steel production capacity has brought about a shortage of raw materials (mainly nickel and chromium resources). From the perspective of China's stainless steel industry, in 2006, China's refined nickel production is expected to be 130,000 tons, while the consumption is expected to reach 237,000 tons, with a supply gap of 107,000 tons.

my country is a country that lacks nickel and chromium resources. Countries around the world compete fiercely for control over the development of nickel-chromium resources. Therefore, the supply of nickel-chromium resources is an important limiting factor for the development of stainless steel production in my country. The suggested measures are as follows:

(1) Strengthen the exploration and development of domestic nickel and chromium ore resources, and strive to have more supply of nickel and chromium resources.

(2) Actively participate in the development of foreign nickel and chromium resources, such as Baosteel Group and Jinchuan Group agreeing to jointly invest US$1 billion to restore the production of the Norok Nickel Refinery in the Philippines.

(3) Develop and utilize low-chromium nickel ore resources, thereby increasing the supply of nickel-chromium resources. my country itself, especially neighboring Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, have a large number of low-nickel-chromium laterite mines to be developed and utilized.

(4) Carry out technical research and develop nickel-saving stainless steel. About 76% of the global stainless steel production belongs to the 300 series, so the fluctuation of nickel price will seriously affect the price of nickel-chromium series stainless steel, and the price of nickel raw materials has risen in recent years, which makes the cost of nickel-chromium series stainless steel relatively high, so the development of chromium series stainless steel Stainless steel and low-nickel stainless steel are of great significance.

3. Problems with 200 series stainless steel:

In recent years, the high nickel price has rapidly increased the market share of 200 series stainless steel, and the current share of 200 series stainless steel in the Chinese market has increased from 5% three years ago to 20%. According to the different nickel content, 200 series stainless steel has different grades, and each country and each enterprise also has its own grades. The two grades of stainless steel originally developed in the United States, 201 and 202, have a nickel content of about 4%, which is resistant to corrosion. Although the performance is slightly worse than the 300 series, it can still replace the 300 series in some areas. However, during the development of 200 series stainless steel, a series of problems have arisen. Stainless steel composite materials welcome customers and friends to inquire: Miss Li Mobile: 17774250058 Tel: 0579-82057206