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Application range and market capacity of stainless steel clad plate


Product varieties and specifications Single-sided composite: stainless steel + carbon steel or ordinary carbon steel + special steel

Double-sided composite: stainless steel + carbon steel + stainless steel or stainless steel + special steel + stainless steel Specifications: (2-5MM)+(8-50MM)

Stainless steel: austenitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic + ferritic steel, ferritic + martensitic steel, martensitic steel

2. Main use and dosage

Stainless composite medium plate is an indispensable steel product for my country's national economy, and its application prospects are very broad.

(1) Refining and petrochemical industries

For the refining of high-sulfur, high-salt, high-acidity crude oil, the main refining equipment such as atmospheric and vacuum towers, absorption towers, fractionation towers, and stabilization towers must be made of stainless composite steel plates instead of ordinary container steel plates to ensure necessary life. my country's aging oil fields also have this problem. More importantly, starting from the protection of domestic resources, since 1995, my country has planned to invest in world oil fields, such as Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan and other oil fields, and purchases about 50 million tons of high-sulfur crude oil every year, making my country The refining industry must meet the challenges of the highly corrosive nature of these high-sulfur crudes. Ferritic stainless steel clad steel is the preferred clad steel plate in this industry, only this one needs more than 5,000 tons per year.

In addition, with the development of oil and natural gas and the development of high H2S, SO2 and nitrogen-containing ion gas fields, stainless clad steel plates are used at home and abroad as oil and gas pipelines. Welded pipe. For example, my country is asking people to study the feasibility of a 7000KM long oil pipeline from Tehran to Tokyo together with Mitsubishi Corporation and Exxon Corporation, and the oil pipeline project from Kazakhstan to Xinjiang will start. These are potential markets. In addition, petrochemicals such as synthetic rubber, ethylene and other petrochemical products will also use a large number of stainless steel clad steel plates. It is conservatively estimated that only large-diameter clad welded pipes will need about 2,000 tons per year.

(2) Salt and alkali industry and other chemical industries

my country's basic chemical products are among the best in the world. The mother liquor steaming tank for ordinary salt production and the evaporation chamber for vacuum halogen production have generally used composite steel plates to replace plug welding plates: autoclaves, crystallizers, storage tanks, etc. in the chemical industry have been used. The stainless steel clad steel plate is mostly made by push welding. With the in-depth research on the failure mechanism of stainless clad steel plates, the possibility of using clad steel plates to replace 100% stainless steel under strong corrosive medium conditions is increasing. In the transformation of 13 sets of large chemical fertilizers and hundreds of self-made small chemical fertilizer equipment introduced in the 1970s, the demand for stainless composite steel plates is on the agenda, and the annual demand for chemical industry alone is about 10,000 tons.

(3) Electric power industry

In the hydropower industry, the steel lining used in the bottom hole for sand discharge, the bottom hole for diversion, and the lining of the ship lock gallery and the sluice, etc., the basic requirements are high wear resistance, impact resistance and appropriate corrosion resistance. The power industry's requirements for composite panels have only been mentioned on the agenda in recent years, but the momentum is rapid and the number is staggering. Only one Three Gorges Dam needs as much as 15,000 tons, and the hydraulic reserves of the Hengduan Mountains are that of the Three Gorges. In addition, Guangxi and other places have considerable hydropower resources, and the application prospects of the hydropower industry are very attractive. Water conservancy experts predict: If there is more than the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project on the earth in the future, it must be the southwest of my country. At that time, whoever can provide large-format martensitic stainless steel clad steel plates will dominate the hydropower market. Each large hydropower plant needs about 200 tons of composite steel plates, which are mainly used in silos, hoppers, chutes, dehydrators and other parts. However, due to the improvement of environmental protection requirements in recent years, the flue gas desulfurization project for reducing SO2 in the bottom air has appeared. , Stainless steel clad steel plate will become the preferred material for thermal power plants, each thermal power plant, especially the thermal power plant in big cities, needs to add 300-400 tons of duplex stainless steel clad plate.

(4) Building structure pipe

The use of stainless composite steel pipes to build the roofs of large stadiums is a permanent architectural design that integrates beauty and economy. It is learned that the composite structural pipes of the 2008 Qingdao Olympic venues have been actively trial-produced by Malaysian Chinese. The market strategy is to first Qingdao, then Beijing and then Shanghai, and to win the structural pipe orders for the entire Olympic venues and World Expo pavilions. It is difficult to produce such a composite material with a large complex-to-base ratio by the explosion method. This task naturally falls on the shoulders of the rolling method. If the surface is polished, it can seize the opportunity.

(5) Magnesium metal refining furnace

Magnesium metal is an important war resource and a basic resource of the national economy. In the fields of precision casting and aluminum alloy manufacturing, my country produces more than 400,000 tons, and more than 90% of it is produced by the Pidgeon method. The crude magnesium produced by this method needs to undergo a refining process of remelting and removing impurities in a refining furnace to achieve a qualified product.

 China is a country with large reserves of magnesium and a large producer of magnesium. Shanxi is uniquely endowed with proven reserves. The magnesium reserves in Shanxi Province account for 70% of the national output and 40% of the world's total. Shanxi Yinguang Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd., located in the south of Shanxi, has many years of experience with an annual output of 170,000 tons. It has always been among the top three in the country. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 90 magnesium plants in the province, most of which are private enterprises with small scale. In the past two years, it has developed rapidly. There are only two factories in Taiyuan with an annual output of about 10,000 tons. At present, a common problem of many magnesium-producing enterprises in the province is that the product level is low and the added value of science and technology is low. This is bound to go up in price. After foreign companies purchase semi-finished magnesium ingots from Shanxi, and then buy them back to China after deep processing such as alloying, the price will increase by more than ten times, and a large amount of foreign exchange will be lost. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the backwardness of refining equipment and refining process.

At present, most of the domestic silicon thermal reduction magnesium refining furnaces use pit furnaces, and their heat sources are mainly external heating coal and gas or electricity. Heat is transferred to the magnesium metal in the furnace through the furnace shell for melting and refining. Most of the refining pots are austenitic heat-strength steels, which are welded by centrifugal casting cylinders and ordinary casting heads. Due to the low thermal conductivity and weldability of the material itself, and the inevitable casting defects in the casting process, there are major problems in use such as low thermal efficiency, low furnace life, low productivity, large fuel waste, and poor quality of finished products.

The refining furnace made of composite steel plate can improve the service life of the refining furnace. In 2002, the national magnesium metal production has exceeded 400,000 tons, and the production areas are concentrated in Shanxi Province and neighboring provinces with Shanxi as the center, Henan Province, Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia. According to the current production life of the refining furnaces, 2,000 refining furnaces are required each year. Need special stainless steel clad steel plate 2000 tons / year.

(6) Storage and transportation industry

Stainless steel composite materials have been gradually used in the manufacture of storage tanks and special tankers for ethylene glycol, olive oil, beer and other liquids, and the annual demand is increasing, and polished composite panels are becoming more and more popular. It is expected to be about 2000 tons per year.

(7) Large diameter industrial welded pipe

It is mainly used for the transportation of various corrosive media and the transportation of high-sulfur crude oil.

In addition, with the rapid development of urban construction, gas has become the main component of residents' fuel structure, and the anti-corrosion problem of intricate gas pipes has become one of the goals of urban safety prevention. The application prospect of composite welded pipes is optimistic.

(8) Large lighting poles, street lamp poles, flagpoles

With the development of urban construction, the demand for corrosion-resistant, beautiful and elegant uniform cross-section light poles has been put on the agenda. At present, the coated composite straight pipes on the market can no longer meet the requirements of various shapes. The polished composite steel plate produced by the rolling method can be made into various variable-section light poles, and the effect is very ideal. Each street in large and medium-sized cities needs about 200-500 tons of this material, and the prospects are very promising. It is reported that the main light poles of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are worth 40,000 yuan each.

(9) Structural pipes for construction

Polished stainless steel composite mid-plate is the preferred material for ball-joint pipe structures in various gymnasiums and exhibition halls. Some people have already set their sights on the steel structure pipes of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, bringing stainless steel composite pipes to the market in an all-round way.

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