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What are the types of duplex stainless steel


Stainless steel composite materials are the most widely used product materials in today's society. There are many needs for stainless steel composite materials in life, and the effect and significance of reasonable selection are very good. It is better to facilitate people's lives. There are many types of stainless steel composite materials, including duplex stainless steel. This time, stainless steel composite material manufacturers will talk about the types of duplex stainless steels.

Duplex Stainless Steel Classification Requirements

The first type is low-alloy type, representing the grade UNS S32304 (23Cr-4Ni-0.1N), the steel does not contain molybdenum, the PREN value is 24-25, and it can be used instead of AISI304 or 316 in terms of stress corrosion resistance.

The second type is a medium alloy type, the representative grade is UNS S31803 (22Cr-5Ni-3Mo-0.15N), the PREN value is 32-33, and its corrosion resistance is between AISI 316L and 6%Mo+N austenitic stainless steel. between.

The third type is high alloy type, generally containing 25% Cr, also containing molybdenum and nitrogen, and some also containing copper and tungsten, standard grade UNSS32550 (25Cr-6Ni-3Mo-2Cu-0.2N), PREN value 38-39 , the corrosion resistance of this type of steel is higher than that of 22%Cr duplex stainless steel.

The fourth category is super duplex stainless steel type, containing high molybdenum and nitrogen, the standard grade UNS S32750 (25Cr-7Ni-3.7Mo-0.3N), some also contain tungsten and copper, PREN value is greater than 40, suitable for harsh It has good corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties, which is comparable to super austenitic stainless steel.

There are many types of duplex stainless steel in the society, and different types and styles are different. Consumers can choose according to their actual needs. Reasonable selection of suitable duplex stainless steel is very important. Stainless steel composite material manufacturers sell high-quality stainless steel tensile sheets, multi-layer metal composite materials, and composite metal materials. Interested welcome to inquire.