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The key to expanding the application of stainless steel composite panels is environmental protection


Regarding environmental protection, first from the viewpoint of atmospheric environmental protection, the demand for heat-resistant and high-temperature corrosion-resistant stainless steel clad plates for high-temperature waste incinerators, LNG power plants, and high-efficiency power plants using coal will increase.

It is also estimated that the battery casing of fuel cell vehicles, which will be put into practical use in the early 21st century, will also use stainless steel clad plates. From the viewpoint of water quality and environmental protection, in water supply and drainage treatment equipment, stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance will also expand the demand. Regarding the long life, the application of stainless steel clad plates is increasing in existing bridges, highways, tunnels and other facilities in Europe, and this trend is expected to spread all over the world. In addition, the lifespan of general residential buildings in Japan is particularly short at 20-30 years, and waste material disposal has become a major problem.

Buildings with a lifespan of 100 years have recently begun to appear, so the demand for materials with excellent durability will increase. From the perspective of global environmental protection, while reducing civil engineering and construction waste, it is necessary to explore how to reduce maintenance costs from the design stage of introducing new concepts.

Regarding the popularization of IT, in the process of IT development and popularization, functional materials play a great role in equipment hardware, and the requirements for high-precision and high-functional materials are very large. For example, in mobile phones and computer parts, the high strength, elasticity and non-magnetic properties of stainless steel composite plates are flexibly applied, which expands the application of stainless steel. Also in manufacturing equipment for semiconductors and various substrates, stainless steel with good cleanliness and durability plays an important role. Stainless steel has many excellent properties that other metals do not have. It is a material with excellent durability and recyclability. In the future, in response to changes in the times, stainless steel clad plates will be widely used in various fields.

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