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The base material of stainless steel clad plate can use various ordinary carbon steel and special steel such as Q235B, Q345R, 20R. The cladding material can use various grades of stainless steel such as 304, 316L, 1Cr13 and duplex stainless steel. Material and thickness can be freely combined to meet the needs of different users. Stainless steel composite panels have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, salt, water conservancy and power industries. As a resource-saving product, stainless steel clad plate reduces the consumption of precious metals and greatly reduces the project cost. To achieve the perfect combination of low cost and high performance, there are good social benefits.

Today, coal coking, coal gasification, synthetic ammonia, and chemical fertilizers have become the dominant coal chemical industries in my country, and have been developing continuously and rapidly. There is a contradiction between the growth of domestic oil consumption and oil supply and demand, and the introduction and development of coal chemical industrial technologies such as methanol to olefins and coal-to-liquids have accelerated the pace of industrialization, and enterprises engaged in the production of coking products have also sprung up like mushrooms. Such as Wuxi Gangze Metal Materials Co., Ltd. and so on.

For the coal coking industry, due to the long-term exposure of pipelines and equipment to high temperature and corrosive environments, the equipment is severely corroded, and the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced. Therefore, improving the corrosion resistance of the equipment, extending the service life of the equipment, and reducing the production cost of the enterprise are important means to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

The stainless steel clad plate is a metal clad material whose outer layer is pure stainless steel and the inner layer is carbon steel. This kind of metal clad material composed of pure stainless steel and carbon steel is a stainless steel clad plate. Manufacturing, upgrading and transformation provide material guarantee.